Eight successful tips for how to find jobs on Upwork

Breaking into Upwork can be slightly challenging for beginners.

There are hundreds of freelance jobs online for beginners, but there are also thousands of freelancers who have established themselves on Upwork and are competing for the same jobs. So, the million-dollar question is: How to get more jobs on Upwork and how to make money on Upwork?

This article is designed to help you understand the professional overview of Upwork- how to set up a good profile, how to attract clients and find a job easily, and of course, make good money.

If you haven’t created your profile on Upwork yet, you can check out this fresher’s guide on how to get started on Upwork.

Eight tips to find jobs on Upwork

Here are eight successful tips to get more jobs on Upwork.

Spruce up your profile

This is the first thing you need to work on to get a job on Upwork.

Needless to say, a good profile is essential for Upwork because they prioritize those profiles. The algorithms of Upwork function in a way that shows the best profiles first. You need to ensure that your profile is 100% complete with full details and information about your services.

Fill out all the sections that are there and describe your services and accomplishments in a compelling way. A detailed profile will rank higher on Upwork’s search engine and can increase your chances of getting a job.

A few things to keep in mind when working on your profile:

  • Add a professional photo
  • Add a detailed work experience
  • Be specific in talking about your skills and knowledge
  • Add a competitive service rate

Your profile is your opportunity to advertise yourself to potential clients and get more freelance jobs online for beginners.

Take online tests by Upwork

Upwork has its own set of tests to check your skills and knowledge. While it is not a compulsion for anyone, those who take the relevant Upwork tests stand a chance to easily land a job.

Upwork has a variety of tests- to check your professional as well as personal skills. Once you are done with your tests, ensure that the results show up on your profile and are visible to the clients.

Clients look for freelancers who have passed the online tests by Upwork and are sure of their skills. This is especially good for beginners when you do not have any relevant work experience to showcase. This will prove to your clients that you know your skills well and are going to take the job seriously.

Completing these tests will raise your profile on the search engine, increase your chances of getting more jobs on Upwork, and eventually increase your chances of earning money on Upwork.

Look professional

When looking for freelance jobs online, it is important to present yourself professionally. You need to review your profile every few days and create a polished and attractive profile.

If you are wondering how to get more jobs on Upwork, you should pay special focus to these three things:

Profile title

Your title should be effective and relevant to your skills. You need to introduce yourself in just a few words and state your knowledge. The client will always look at your profile title before considering you for the job.

Profile overview

The first few sentences of your profile play a huge role in getting the job. At first glance, only the first few lines of your profile are visible to the clients. You need to ensure that they are strong and effective enough to draw in the clients.

Profile photo

Your profile photo should be professional where you are dressed properly and have a straight head and a smiling face. It should be centered and a high-quality headshot.

Find the right jobs in your niche

When you look out for freelance jobs online for beginners, it is quite common to take up any work you get so as to earn some money. However, if you are looking at freelancing as a long-term opportunity, you need to find your niche and take up jobs that you are interested in.

Choosing a niche and applying for jobs in that category can increase your chances of landing the job. Clients see that you are an expert in that field and will be keen on hiring you. It is important to focus on a few primary skills, learn everything in that and master them, and build your profile around that.

The more you focus on your specific skill sets, the easier it will be for you to find more jobs on Upwork. Make sure to state them in your title and description and reach out to clients looking for people with these skill sets.

Apply for the right job

With hundreds of jobs posted on Upwork every day, how do you keep track of them and find the best one for you?

Well, the answer is to be selective. You do not need to find all the jobs that are posted, but only the ones that match your profile. Once you find your niche, you need to pick projects relating to that. For example, if you are a copywriter, you need to include keywords related to that category in your job feed. Check out this guide on how to become a copywriter.

To begin with, you need to search for the relevant jobs by setting up your feed accordingly. You can narrow down your job results and find jobs in your preferred niche.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • Enter the skills matching your job requirements in the search bar
  • Set a filter on these keywords to create a targeted job feed
  • Add this setting to your job feed, and you will never miss any job posting matching your niche.

Setting up a customized job feed is surely going to help you get more jobs on Upwork.

Work on your proposals

When you are looking at how to make money on Upwork, you need to excel in writing winning proposals. A well-written proposal plays a vital role in getting more jobs on Upwork.

Many freelancers, especially beginners, do not pay much attention to their proposals and simply send a template proposal to their potential clients. Well, let me break this to you- THAT WILL NEVER WORK.

Most freelancers talk about their achievements and accomplishments…it’s just ME, ME, ME. But, how does this benefit the client? You need to ensure that your proposal focuses on how you can help the clients. It should not only talk about your achievements but how you will use them for the client. You need to create a fine balance between your knowledge and how to align them with the goals of the client.

It is also crucial to respond within 24 hours when you get a reply from the client. Being active and prompt in your response can help you stand apart from the other competing candidates.

Here are some tips to consider when writing a winning proposal

  • Send a unique and customized proposal for every job. Avoid using a stock response or a copy-paste template because they are going to drastically reduce your chances of winning.
  • Be specific in aligning your clients’ needs with your knowledge and experience
  • Provide samples, screenshots, results, and testimonials of your past work and try to relate them to the current project that you are applying for
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. They are proof that you have read the requirements and are keen to know more details about that.
  • Tell a story about your background and keep the proposal letter a little personal. This will help the client understand that you are personally interested in growing their business.
  • Be confident, concise, and direct in your proposal.

Writing a killer proposal can increase your chances of getting the job and thus make more money on Upwork.

Communication and build your relationships

Freelancers need to be proactive in their communication and build long-lasting relations with their clients. Do not take any project as a ‘one-and-done’ deal; instead, network with your clients so that they remember you for any future work also.

Building effective relations with your clients can go a long way. They might refer you to their business associates, and you can get a new job because of your networking ability.

Hence, it is important that you put your best efforts into meeting the clients’ requirements, help them achieve well, and compel them to refer you to others.

Upwork really values your reputation and considers it an important metric to show your profile to potential clients. So, when you are looking to get more jobs on Upwork, it is essential for you to build long-lasting relations with your clients.

Stay patient and never give up

Getting the first few clients can be the hardest, but it’s just a matter of time. Finding jobs and making money on Upwork takes a little time. Think about it this way, it is as good as building your business, and no business can give you returns immediately.

You need to spend some time, put in a lot of hard work and consistent efforts to find jobs on Upwork. Be patient, stay optimistic, and don’t give up. Failures are a great way to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. Do not let your failure prevent you from applying to other jobs.

Keep applying for jobs, and you will end up closing the deal with your dream client. Just remember, there are enough and more benefits of freelancing in 2021.


Upwork is a great place to take your career to a new height and is home to millions of freelancers. Initially, you might find it difficult to find freelance online jobs for beginners, but consistent hard work can give you unexpected results. So, put these seven tips to work for your freelance business and increase your chances of getting more jobs on Upwork.

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