About LancerNinja

  • Do you enjoy the work you are doing, or is it just the paycheck that keeps you motivated?

  • Do you want to get paid for what you are worth and not just what your boss deems fit for you?

  • Do you want to travel the world, take some time off for your family, work at your own schedule, and yet earn a good amount of money?

While it may seem unrealistic to a lot of people, if you have been nodding your head at all these questions, then you are at the right place.

It is indeed scary to quit a 9-5 job, but how would it feel to work on your own terms? How would you feel to work with clients who are happy with your work? How would you feel when you enjoy your work and look forward to your day?

Let me break the ice; all this is very much possible! Yes, that’s true. What you thought of as an unrealistic dream, is actually true and I have been living that life for a long time.

I am Vikas, IIT Roorkee Graduate, and Computer Vision, and Image Processing expert, living my dream life making- enjoying, traveling, spending quality family time, and earning a good amount of money working for top businesses across the world.

I never received any formal training in freelancing, but still earn thousands of dollars every year. I believe that everyone should have a mentor. When Richard Branson can have a mentor, then why not you?

MY Upwork Earnings

My dream is to help people discover the world of freelancing and succeed in life. So, I am willing to be the mentor who helps you kick start your freelancing career overcoming the initial hiccups like securing the first clients.

Now let me tell you how.

My favorite platform for doing this is Upwork.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, Upwork offers a fine balance of freelancing jobs with great income potential.

Through Lancerninja, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience to help you win the game of freelancing and make money on your own terms.

I will be sharing a repository of tips, tricks, hacks, tools, and resources that you can align with your freelancing career and witness real results very soon. I will teach you how to securely make money by working online and living a flexible lifestyle.

Through my articles, blogs, live sessions, and others- I will ensure that you get to live your dream life and gain your financial freedom. So, if you are in it to win it, let’s talk further.

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