List of 20 best freelancing websites in 2022

Marketing your services is one of the most tedious tasks- where do you find the most ideal client, how to convince them about your work, and so many other things.

So, how do you begin? Freelancing is your answer to this. We all understand that freelancing has a lot of perks. With an extensive network of clients and freelancers, there are various best freelancing sites that help you move in the right direction.

With technological advancements and work-from-home norms, there has been an increased rise in the freelancing industry. Many people have switched careers, moved to freelance, or just taken it for a side hustle. Further, there have been a lot of freelancing sites that have come up in today’s time.

With many new best freelancing websites coming, how do you decide which one to choose? If you are not careful, you might waste your time and energy searching for the best freelancing sites.

To ease your work, I have listed down the 20 best freelancing sites for beginners and professionals. So, read this article and choose the best freelancing site for you.

Top 20 Best Freelancing Sites



Upwork is one of the best freelancing sites for 2022. It is a cloud-based platform that connects job seekers to job givers. It has a strong mechanism to connect clients and freelancers and has become the most renowned freelancing platform these days. You can check the jobs posted, set competitive prices, enhance your skills and stand out among the competition.

It is easy to sign up and create an account on Upwork. Check out this detailed fresher’s guide on how to get started on Upwork, and start your work now. Further, it also has exclusive features like in-app communication channels where you can message the clients directly within the app. The process of billing and payment is also secured, and Upwork takes strict actions to verify your profile.



Fiverr is another one of the best freelancing sites designed to help people to get started with their freelancing gigs. It has something for every profession including writers, graphic designers, programmers, coders, etc.

It has been gaining immense popularity over the last few years and helped many aspiring freelancers. All you need to do is sign up on their platform, list your services and add your fees. It will then connect you with suitable buyers for your services. Further, you can rest assured about your personal data because Fiverr has strong policies for data violation and misuse. So, Fiverr is indeed one of the best freelancing sites. Check out these excellent Fiverr tips and tricks to rank higher and try it out for yourself.



As the name suggests, this platform was built to aid freelancers to get more projects easily. It is one of the pioneers in the freelancing industry, and indeed among the best freelancing sites of 2022. Here, you can upload your skills and bid the best price for them. The buyers can easily see your profile and understand your skills.

It has an easy interface with secured data, safe billing and payments, and other features. Further, it also lets you define your progress and maintain clear transparency with the client. So, try, if you are looking to get a freelancing job easily.

Envato Studio

envato studio

Another best freelancing site, Envato Studio, was built for easy collaboration between designers and developers. From websites and apps to games, you can use this freelancing site to connect with clients and collaborate with them and get a small commission in return for your services.

It has an easy interface with messaging features where you can connect with your clients. The job-hunting process is simple and can help you get a lot of freelance projects.



Brybe is a powerful freelancing site that connects buyers and sellers on a digital platform. The easy search engine comes with powerful features and helps find talent across various genres. It has detailed search filters where you can choose your specifications and connect with collaborators.

Moreover, freelancers can also connect personal brand pages that can act as their portfolios. You can showcase your skills, past work and express your opinions on this page. It also has separate tabs to keep track of your projects, pending work, milestones, progress, and other things. All in all, Brybe is indeed one of the best freelancing sites in 2022.



A hub for talent acquisition, CrewScale is indeed one of the best freelancing sites in 2022. It connects businesses with freelancers, from skills ranging from programming to designing.

CrewScale has a thorough account verification process including interviews and tests, to ensure that only genuine people become a part of their community. Further, it also has a recruitment process powered by machine learning to assist in easy hiring.

People Per Hour

people per hour

This is another popular freelancing site that connects people across the globe and matches the requirements of the business. It has various tools and advanced features to connect freelancers and businesses.

As the name suggests, it works on an hourly basis and all the contracts are financially secured. Further, it also has in-app messaging features for easy discussion with the clients.



Toptal is one of the best premium freelancing sites that claims to only have experts. It does not allow everyone to join their platform, instead shortlists only the best talent. So, if you are an expert in your chosen field, you can join Toptal and start getting clients for work.

Toptal offers quick recruitment because of its strict verification policies. Further, it also has easy integration features to maintain work transparency.



Guru is one of the best freelancing sites that offer hassle-free job searches. It is one of the easiest ways to connect in 2022 and find new jobs. It has an advanced dashboard to keep a track of your work, pending projects, pending applications, work progress, timelines, etc.

Further, it has a wide selection of jobs and easy task management facilities for work. It also has a secured payment gateway.



Initially started as a design marketplace, DesignCrowd has evolved to become a comprehensive freelancing marketplace. However, it is still the best freelancing site for designers. If you are a graphic designer, you can upload and submit your designs for the service fee. The buyers of the platform can see your designs, and connect with you if they are interested.

So, you can easily market your designs and earn money with this freelancing site.



Nexxt is one of the best freelancing sites that connects skilled individuals with businesses online. As a freelancer, you can easily hunt for projects matching your skills. The client posts his requirements which are available to you in the search engines. You can apply for the jobs according to your skills. Further, you can easily communicate with the clients within the app and share the work progress.



DesignContest is another best freelancing site relating to designing. It was initially started to help businesses connect with artists and designers. The prime intention was to help them gather design ideas for their brands.

It has a great reputation and is a one-stop destination for all freelance designers and brands looking to connect them. Moreover, the community is known for building long-term relationships with each job.



Another popular freelancing site of 2022, TaskRabbit, allows freelancers and brands to connect seamlessly with each other. If you are a beginner at freelancing and looking to work on multiple projects, TaskRabbit is the place for you. The platform was built to provide ease to freelancers and enable them to market their services. Further, it has a secured system for payments and transactions.



The platform, CrowdSPRING is a unique take on freelancing. It is one of the best freelancing sites that connect freelancers with entrepreneurs. Yes, that’s correct. Unlike big brands, most entrepreneurs work with freelancers to get their job done.

Especially with remote working and new-age startups coming up, entrepreneurs needed freelancers for all their work. CrowdSPRING understood this and created an opportunity for that. It hosts over 50000 brands and more than 20000 creative talent to date and boasts to be one of the best freelancing sites. Further, it also has detailed guidelines on the profile set up, job application, and client outreach, and helps the freelancers get jobs easily.



As the name suggests, Hireable was built to smoothen the process of hiring. It comes with numerous features for advanced search, filters, etc., to assist in easy job finding. The platform has an effective search engine that freelancers use for quick results. The application process is smooth and easy and helps in keeping track of all the jobs applied.

Further, it also has an automated notification feature that notifies about the new jobs posted. This way, you can never lose out on any opportunity.



With some of the best freelancing sites for designers, we need some for writers too.

WriterAccess was started for the writing community. It is indeed one of the best freelancing sites. It was designed to connect brands with writers, copywriters, editors, translators, content creators, proofreaders, strategists, publishers, and others.

Writing is a great way to make money. In WriterAccess, freelancers can create their profiles and showcase their talent by building their portfolios. Brands and buyers can evaluate the portfolios and pick the best ones for their projects. It has some good content creation tools for keywords, grammar check, similarity, etc., that can aid in better writing and is linked with external platforms to publish your work. Check out this guide on how to make money blogging and get started with your writing journey.



99Designs is a freelancing platform built for designers and artists. If you are a graphic designer with creative skills, then this is the right platform for you. It is a global platform for freelance designers. It has a variety of designs for brands to choose from. Further, it is also equipped with various resources for designers including tutorials and contests to enhance their skills. Indeed, 99Designs is one of the best freelancing sites for the creative community.



Catalant is another popular freelancing site for brands and freelancers. It is a marketplace to connect skills and brands and bridge a gap between them.

Catalant uses machine learning algorithms to connect freelancers with the right jobs. With various features like advanced learning, collaborative filtering, etc., you can search for jobs suiting your profile. Next, you can also sync with brands within the app, and coordinate for your work.



Bark was designed to connect freelancers and brands in a hassle-free way. It has saved a lot of time and energy of looking into job directories, instead of just getting it right here at Bark.

All you need is to sign up on Bark, create your profile, and start applying for jobs. Sometimes, the platform will also suggest the best jobs for you and make your task really simple. Indeed, Bark is one of the best freelancing sites in 2022.



Designhill is another popular online freelancing site connecting designers with brands. Aimed at helping the creative community, Designhill was started for creative designing in the era of remote working. From websites to flyers, it has something for everyone. It offers multiple job opportunities for freelancers and provides a comprehensive project with complete details about the work.

Further, it offers secured payment solutions for freelancers and also protects their data.


All in all, there are numerous best freelancing sites in 2022 that bridge the gap between jobs and job-seekers. Each site has its own features, uniqueness, and specifications. It is important to understand the platform before starting to market your skills.

So, you can choose from the above list and pick the best site for you. If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me at [email protected] for any queries. I would be happy to help you! Join the Discord community of like-minded freelancers here.

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