1. How much do freelancers earn on platforms like Upwork?

Earning knows no bounds as freelancers. The more time you devote, the better your earning. A general statistic by Upwork says that you can earn an average of $28/hour. Depending on your profession and time, you can also expand your scope of earning.

2. What are the important things one should keep in mind while working on Upwork?

Upwork pays special attention to your profile and its hygiene. If you are looking for a long-term association with Upwork to fetch clients, make sure your profile is 100% complete with relevant sample work, a professional picture, and other details. Do not ever try to take clients off the Upwork platform or take outside payments, your account will be suspended straight away.

3. How does Upwork’s payment system work?

Upwork makes secured payments through PayPal and direct bank transfers. Once you receive the payment from your client, Upwork takes around 5 days to process and reflect that on your account. It deducts a 20% commission for first $500 earned from a particular client, then it reduces to 10%, and after $10,000 earning it reduces to 5% fee for each project and the remaining amount is shared with you via your preferred channel.